Knowledge Base Ashley: Ashley Audio

Notes for Application: Learn about Ashly network configuration with reference diagrams.

  • Ashly FIR (Finite Impulse Response)
  • Common Mode Speaker Line Filter (JPB-2016) 
  • menggunakan dua digiMIX24 Consoles with Dante® for FOH and Monitor Mixing
  • DigiMIX Console USB-32 and Driver Installation
  • Powered Speaker Cabinets
  • Phantom Power Remote Standby Multimode and Standard Amplifiers TM Series Compact Mixer/Amplifiers
  • Network-Enabled Processors
  • Network-Enabled Amplifiers
  • PemaTM Protea-Equipped Media Amplifier
  • and ProteaTM DSP Software Suite

Troubles with Networking: Sometimes, all the dots don't connect. We are here to help.

  • Which nXp Amplifiers Are Dante Able to Send?
  • Which PEMA Amplifiers Are Dante Able to Send?
  • Using Dante® on a 1G Network
  • Control software file types
  • Solutions to common networking problems
  • Word Clock Inputs and Outputs
  • CobraNet Networking Basics
  • Firmware Flash Reprogramming
  • Establishing Ethernet Communications
  • Network remotes and target device security
  • Integrating Ashly Products With Dante® Network Audio
  • Is it your intention to incorporate CobraNet or Dante® into your products?
  • Is Every Ashly Product Networkable?
  • Is your business selling network routers or switchers?
  • Bagaimana definisi produk yang "Networkable"?

Protokol Pengendalian

Driver USB standar SP speaker processor, gunakan driver USB standar dengan SP WR-5 dan INA-1 protokol serta protokol kontrol 4.8SP, 3.6SP, dan ne Processors RS-232 Protocol Ethernet Communications FX Control API FX Third-Party System Control Drivers – AMX FX Third-Party System Control Drivers – Control 4 FX Third-Party System Control Drivers – Crestron Home FX Third-Party System Control Drivers – ELAN

Update firmware

Full Back Up Firmware Update Procedure Using Ashly Device MAC Address Firmware Update Precautionary Instructions

Controls jauh

Warning Regarding Remote Wall Plates for EU Remote Standby WR-5 Gain Readout dB Conversion Host Device Power, Voltage, and Current Ratings Basics of WR-5 Hardware

Frequently Asked Questions: Anda dapat menemukan pertanyaan umum FAQ di sini.

Answers to common networking issues with a KLR-3200 for 70V Distributed System Controlling Ashly Products from a Remote PC TM-360 Sleep/Standby Mode FAQ

Lihat fitur kontrol Protea kami.

  • ProteaTM DSP Software Suite dan Fungsi Model Amplifier ProteaTM DSP
  • General Information: This is what you should know when working with Ashly.
  • Is it possible to obtain a freight quote?
  • How can I monitor a shipment?
  • Bagaimana saya bisa menjadi dealer Ashly?
  • How do I get in touch with customer service?
  • Where is Ashly Audio?
  • Dimensi dan Berat

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